Friday, July 3, 2009

Cannery Row and The Deep Sea Super Falcon

Editor's Note: Today, another journalist-in-training, Lucia Lee, takes the reins.

After the dilemma of whether to kayak or snorkle was solved by mother nature (due to low visibility underwater), the students of National Geographic Expeditions set out on the ocean blue in a veritable flotilla of colorful vessels. A few other lucky explorers elected to test the PH levels of run-off water flowing into the beach with the founder of the Save The Whales Foundation.

Lunch was enjoyed at a park adjacent to Cannery Row and overlooking the scenic Pacific Ocean. Next the students witnessed the 30th dive of the Dea Sea Super Falcon submersible piloted by Graham Hawks, who co-holds the world record for the deepest solo dive ever. The submersible featured an innovative design similar to an airplane that made it fly underwater. The co-pilot--who had experience testing all kinds of experimental aircraft--stepped out of the Falcon after his first ride ever and gasped, "That...was really cool." We ended the day with an intense game of the legendary Yoga Ball Soccer.